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We are the team to call when you need a professional eCommerce and digital marketing expert. We can help you bring your products to life and interact with your fans in an ethical way that converts them into customers.

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If you’re looking to get the right digital strategy that engages your audience and gently but effectively brings them into your most precious funnel, then be sure to set up a call with one of our digital engagement experts today.

Complete Digital Optimizations:

Search Engine

If you are not found, then what’s the point? All of our engagements are geared to be found in the top search engines.

We are complete Full-Stack SEO experts with awards and certifications. You WILL rank with us guiding the strategy.

Digital Design 

If you are looking for a user experience that is approved by Google and greeted by your customers with huge smile, then Hum JAM won’t leave you disappointed.

In fact, you’ll win brownie points from them for your stellar designs!

Engaging Content

Once you’re found in the search engines and your design knocks their socks off, your copy needs to engage!

Our team are experts at creating engaging videos, graphics, emails, social posts, and much more. Let us show you how to smash it!

Technical Infrastructure

In order to create the best experience and capture all the goodies from Google (like top rankings), you need the best infrastructure and hosting stack available.

Our engineers know exactly how to design your technology stack to convert viewers into customers. If your technology doesn’t stack, you can’t compete  today.

Sales and Conversions 

If you want to increase your bottom line, there is a trick to pulling it off online. There is a right sequence and a wrong sequence to online conversions.

Are you using the right ones? Get with a team member today to figure out how to increase your sales by increasing your conversions exponentially.

Social Engagement

There is no excuse to not engage with your customers on the social platforms that they choose to be on. That is the key to figuring out what your prospect is thinking and doing in their off time.

We have the right formula to engage your market so they not only become fans, but lifetime customers.

We Help Drive More Sales and Results Through Your Digital Assets

Our Agency

We’re not like your average agency. We’ve been in the digital marketing business a long time, so we know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the industry. And we will only give you the best. We’ve won many industry awards and continue to do our best to provide value and education to our customers and constituents. 

If you’re looking for a great digital partner, consider Hum JAM. Not only do we care about your success and lose sleep over it, but our clients become family in the process.

If you’re ready to have ethical experts on your side and deliver outstanding results, contact us today. You’ll be happy you did.

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“Thanks Joseph and Joey…you all are awesome and a great role model for other digital marketing agencies who offer a fraction of the value. Keep it up! I believe you are building a brand for yourselves that you can really be proud of and hopefully will inspire many in our industry to do likewise.” –Dave Foran

“I have yet to meet someone so dedicated to his friends. You see, Joey is revolutionizing the definition of “customers” and has sincerely redefined it as “friends.” –Beck Steiner, Customer and new friend for life.

Hey Joseph “WOW… I’m blown away by your dedication to help others” As you know I recently put down the shiny new objects we call courses and took the plunge to join your new SEO course. Today I needed a little help so thought I would drop you a quick chat and WOW.. You jumped straight on it but not only that you hooked me up to a live one to one  on Google Meet and walked me through my problem offering fantastic help and the best way forward…. WOW Thanks for shining the light above and beyond call of duty simply brilliant!!! –Marcus (aka Wolfie) UK

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