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If you are looking for an SEO agency that is focused on your success and goals, then you are in the right place. We are an agency that thrives on integrity, transparency, and trust. If that is you, read on...

Don't chance your business success to those who are not in "the know" of SEO success. The result of your online future is counting on it. WE KNOW HOW TO RANK YOUR BUSINESS!


Top SEO Consulting

Let's get the obvious questions out of the way, shall we?

Can I afford expert search engine optimization consulting?

That answer depends largely on your goals as an organization. The real key is if you have a marketing budget for your business. Start there if you don't. SEO is part of a complete marketing strategy that is responsible for your overall online success.

If you can't afford to market your business, you can't afford SEO. SEO is a long-term strategy, not short-term. 

To budget: since SEO is a long-term strategy, reputable services range from $1,000/month to $10,000+/month and are on 12-month retainers depending on goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and conversion strategies.

You are ready if you have tested PPC (Pay Per Click) successfully or have done other marketing strategies such as social media and are ready to get some sustainable and long-term traffic that also increases your reputation. If you have a new website, it is helpful to get things set up correctly, but normally short-term testing is required to make the longer-term SEO decision. The answer is really based on if you have a budget and ready to take on something more substantial. If you are an e-commerce or software startup with capital, contact us for our exceptions.

There are no wrong questions, but there are things to look for. The main thing is to make sure the agency or SEO has a "complete" strategy and knows the latest tools and Google updates. A complete strategy includes auditing, fixing, researching, creating content, reaching out, and monitoring. You can see more below. Also, make sure they have certifications and a track record. Reach out socially also to make sure they are real.

The main reason we start with technical audits is to make sure your website can handle traffic in a positive way. Google will penalize you for poor performance. For that reason, we are experts at speed and hosting. So. If you can't handle the traffic, we can help. We have 2 Microsoft Awards under our belts, so we can help with your new SEO success.

The problem with 90% of the web not being found is because of the "do it yourself" web market. You CAN do it yourself. There are tons of videos and free training everywhere. SEO is a specialized set of knowledge that you CAN learn. There are over 2500+ things to know how to rank a web page successfully. If you want to learn and be an expert on all those things, knock yourself out. I bet you have better things to do and learn. Let us do the expert SEO work for you and get you ranked to the top without the fuss of learning it yourself.

What's included in a typical SEO services campaign?

If the agency is focused on your results, they start away analyzing your business. Our agency does the following: (1) We execute a complete audit: technical, content, market, keyword, and business. (2) From there we develop a complete strategy and action plan to fix current issues and challenges. (3) We fix the low hanging fruit to fix existing issues. (4) From there we build a list of new things to conquer and get right to work on it. (5) We then reach out to get the authority you need to rank on previous and new assets. (6) We then monitor the entire campaign and adjust on the fly as needed.

And what makes us different you ask?

Point blank, we care about your results. In fact, we lose sleep if you are not achieving your goals. We are freaks like that. We watch the numbers. We love to research and learn new tools. We love to figure out difficult problems to see them shine in the face of obstacles. Hum JAM cares about our reputation and that of our clients. That's why our clients trust us with their brand and their online results. We have credentials. We are professional. We care. Give Hum JAM a shot!

Learn below how you can get started on the highest quality SEO services campaign available in the market today.

We will take your website traffic to the next level with organic traffic. Your search results and winning the best listing is what we are after.

If expert SEO Consulting is on your mind and you are looking for search engine optimization, social media, internet marketing, or any expert SEO consulting services that lead to higher rankings and greater search results, your best option is to keep reading further how we can help your organization grow with long-term stability.

SERP Rankings Going Higher

Our SEO Consultants are trained for the job and use high-quality white-hat techniques and strategies

Our employees go through extensive training and testing on all of the latest tools and strategies that are necessary to drive traffic and conversions for your website. They don’t just focus on technical SEO, content marketing, or link building. They also hone in on the strategies and cutting edge techniques that we are researching daily to stay on up on the leading information.

As former 6-figure Microsoft consultants, we are more than just a regular SEO consultant. We make sure that we maintain great customer services without all the red tape. We know we are not Microsoft. LOL. -BUT- We are the Microsoft of SEO and willing to prove it with our cutting edge tools and SEO framework.

We know the algorithm updates like the back of our nerdly hand!

  • Panda: Duplicate, plagiarized or thin content; user-generated spam; keyword stuffing
  • Penguin: Spammy or irrelevant links; links with over-optimized anchor text
  • Hummingbird: Keyword stuffing; low-quality content
  • Pigeon: Poor on and off-page SEO
  • Mobile: Lack of a mobile version of the page; poor mobile usability
  • RankBrain: Lack of query-specific relevance features; shallow content; poor UX
  • Possum: Tense competition in your target location
  • Fred: Thin, affiliate-heavy, or ad-centered content

And over 2500+ Ranking factors that if you aren’t using the right tools, the right data, or the right consulting, you are now being pushed out by those in the know.

(Oh…did you think it was 200? LOL, not even close if you want to be at the top.)

Get Expert SEO Consulting Services that move the needle for your business geared towards the success and goals of your site

With Hum JAM you get more than just an Expert SEO Consultant, you get:

  • The Most Extensive Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics on Steroids (All tools and business intelligence that you can see in real-time when/where you want to make sure the right tasks and targets are getting done - NO GUESSWORK!)
  • All Technical SEO (including audits, server fixes, and speed optimization)
  • Reputable and White-hat Link Building (THE RIGHT WAY, WITH ETHICS AND RESULTS)
  • Massive Knowledge and Expertise on the Algorithms that make a difference

Other Notable SEO Services Hum JAM Provides with Every Search Engine Optimization Campaign:

  • SEO Audits (all of them)
  • Dedicated Expert SEO consultant that knows your business in-depth
  • SEO Marketing Analysis (we dive deep to outrank your competition)
  • Extensive and Complete SEO Keyword Audit and Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Complete SEO Strategies
  • SEO Roadmap for easy following
  • Complete Page Optimization for every page on your website
  • Complete Content optimization and marketing tuning for conversions and goals

You simply cannot compare us to other SEO agencies out there. We employ amazing SEO services from around the world that utilize SEO best practices and certifications. We study hard and go anywhere we can to get the latest SEO strategies.

Simply put. We are dedicated to the practice. If you are on our team, we can't be beaten.

Tons of Marketing Awards for Agency Services

In other words, we aren't just SEO services, we are much more. We consider ourselves masters of "super converting" traffic. We design and develop based on the goals leading to the conversion.

Super-fast Support and Experience

There are no silly questions. We love every one of them and are natural mentors. We have a strict SEO consultant standard for our team that is focused on support.  We love helping and seeing our clients succeed. That's what gets us up in the morning. 🙂 We keep track of every little detail. Every win and every loss.

We are also SEO Tool Masters!

We are s e o consultants that master of hundreds of SEO tools and have gone through them all to determine what is needed to achieve the highest levels of search engine optimization success. We leave no stone unturned when we are hunting down rankings and success for your business. We are unmatched when it comes to tools for companies SEO.

Highest Quality Service

At Hum JAM, we put quality first, because to rank #1 you have to BE quality. We provide the highest quality of service so you can be #1. No one wants to engage with poor quality. We are past that now. It is time to upgrade.


Award-Winning and World Class

We know what we are doing. We have won awards in many different niches, from the Microsoft Project of the Year to the John Maxwell Leader of the Year. We've even won the "best pop band." No Joke. Choose us if you want your website to win. We are SEO consultants with an eye on what’s new and what is happening right now. That’s why we can rank your website with complete confidence.

We are expert SEO consultants at all things online. We focus our energy on marketing strategies of all kinds including search marketing, and the most important of all: SEO and website optimization for search engines.

Last word for those in the back: Our agency specializes in marketing services that are for first page conversions. We focus on keywords, traffic, content, and complete SEO consulting services. Hum JAM's team of SEO experts are standing by for your greatest search engine challenges.

  • We have customized plans that are specific to your business needs.
  • We are goal-oriented and design every job to win.
  • We love to grow your revenue and results.
  • We focus on what matters most to you and your business outcomes.
  • Our SEO services and SEO consultants follow bleeding-edge ideas and science.
  • We win awards as well as your goals.

When we see our companies reach the top, we all celebrate here at Hum JAM. Please contact us if you are in the market for search engine optimization services or consultants. We have the best, most educated, and passionate about SEO.

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