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Our SEO services are geared to your success.

The best way to get to know what we can do is to get on a Zoom and let us show you in person. Check out our sevices below and let us know if you could use our help to get you to the top of the search engines.

If you need to rank, we have you covered with our complete plan.

Hum Jam provides the most cutting-edge SEO consulting services in the market.  We follow a proprietary formula that wins awards and top listings by focusing on things that matter most for prospects.

We do everything white-hat with utmost respect and dependability.

Discovery / Audit

We do a complete audit of your entire online efforts.


To win, you need protection to stay on top. We win with technology.

The Right Keywords

When it comes to keywords, size does matter.

Opportunity Outreach

You can't be on top if no one finds out about you.

Content Matters

Only the best and engaging content when the right to be #1

Monitoring and Maintenance

You can improve what you don't measure. We measure everything.

Read below about our unbeatable framework.

We couple the following framework with proprietary and cutting edge software that is not available to the general market that has been designed by the top 5 in SEO Agencies.

STEP 1: Complete Website and Business Analysis

In this step, we leave no stone unturned. We utilize some of the best SEO tools to dig down deep and gather the intelligence needed to create a results-oriented campaign. We look at over 300 technical factors and 2500+ other factors to see where and how and why. Our audit process uncovers everything.

STEP 2: Create Master Strategy and Action Plan

After we do an exhaustive site-wide audit to capture every detail, we build a master strategy and plan of action. We use a proprietary Agency Management system that is behind one of the top SEO agencies in the world.

STEP 3: Start Website and Content Clean Up - Stablize Home

Once the strategy is signed off on, we clean up all the issues and begin restoring much need performance, speed and enhancements.  Your visitors will be much happier also with the results in the many improvements in usability that also come with our SEO packages.

STEP 5: Outreach

Now that you have new content, we have to get the word out in the form of backlinks and approvals.  We only use white-hat techniques which means we leverage high-quality content that makes your company look like rock stars in your niche.

STEP 4: Create New Content - Take New Territory

Now that we have your company rocking on the basics, it is time to conquer and take over new territory on the SERPS. (Search Engine Ranking Placements) - That's where we grab new research and the original plan and tackle the next frontier for your business.

STEP 6: Monitor Results and Ongoing Adjustments

We believe at Hum JAM that you can't improve that which you don't measure or manage properly. Properly is the keyword here. We monitor the right stuff including content changes, rankings, website traffic, goal conversions and results that matter to your business objectives.

If you like the sound of having a solid plan to execute that results in trackable and definable results, let's get started. Add us to your marketing arsenal. We WILL be your secret weapon.