Astonishing Google Trends 2022 and The Future of SEO

The Future of SEO 2023 Photo

The Future of SEO
The Future of SEO

No doubt, the future of SEO is going to be more fun and yet more complicated than ever. Google and other important search engines like Bing and Yahoo are constantly changing their algorithms.

Therefore, being ahead of the curve is essential to all digital marketing agencies providing SEO services to clients in 2023.

However, those who resist change will be punished by the search engines in 2023. Start thinking about how you can better your content, security, and authority right now.

The time to wait and not act is over the future of SEO is now!

Many of you are already seeing the effects of bad Core Web Vitals. Start working and investing in your website’s infrastructure now if you want to rank for top keywords with lots of search engine traffic.

Having a good blog post does nothing for you if the page speed is slow. You need to have a screaming fast server and load speed for search engines to like your site.

The Future of Search Engines

SEO tools are getting crazy wonderful. Tools that create visual content and increase online visibility are paving the way for the future.

SEO trends show that a web page that has interesting visual content will naturally build links and get more web traffic over time.

Create evergreen content and you will be golden. A lot of people lose website traffic because their rankings drop due to becoming irrelevant information.

Creating content that is evergreen will positively impact SEO results over time.

Google Updates
Google Updates

Google SEO Updates

It is no secret that Google is working on a lot and has a lot up its sleeve next year. For example, Google Analytics 4 is going to be in full effect and will become the new standard Analytics tool for referencing Google data.

Another example, they are planning on changing how SERPs look on their pages. They are gearing up to make the SERPs more mobile-friendly and less desktop central.

Google Search Queries
Google Search Queries

Google Search Queries

Regarding search queries, Google is trying to remove the gamification of SEO. Spammy link profiles and bulky spam content is going to fail. Quality over quantity will be the new name of the game when the new search engine algorithms are in full effect.

Old actors in the ways of spamming are going to get removed one by one in 2023. Search engine results are going to tighten and become more based on the user’s search intent. That is what you should create content around and have in mind during your keyword research phase.

Bing On Chrome
Bing On Chrome

Bing Search Engine Optimization

Microsoft is still committed to being a great more professional alternative to Google. They face similar challenges and have similar goals. Bing plans on upgrading its webmaster tools as well.

It seems like there is a big focus on making things easier to use by design. This is because of so much negative feedback from the community on hard much harder it is to use compared to Google’s webmaster tools.

Ultimately, relevant content on Bing is key. Bing has an older user base with a lower aptitude toward technology. Therefore, their algorithm is strict on topic and content relevancy.

Their algorithm is going to get stronger and stronger. Look at them now. For the most part, it is hard to manipulate Bing’s results. Many have tried and many have failed. However, I’m sure someone has done it. No search engine is safe from bad actors.

Voice Search Engine Optimization

The future of SEO is swaying more towards the use of mobile devices and voice searches. Every SEO strategy should include thought around mobile searches and voice search optimization.

More and more people are increasingly using their mobile devices instead of their at-home computers. Especially, the new generation of young people. Young people are more than ever glued to their mobile phones.

Voice searches are increasing in volume year by year. Mobile SEO is becoming more and more important in the digital marketing sector.

It would be wise to create content that voice engines can easily recognize and translate. After all, some people can hear but cannot see. Those people need those voice engines in order to use the internet.

Core Web Vitals
Core Web Vitals

Importance of Core Web Vitals

Search engines like Google and Bing are doubling down on quality websites showing up in search results. In the future of SEO, they are going to start heavily ranking websites that have great Core Web Vital scores.

Basically, how fast and secure is your website? That is what search engines are going to be asking webmasters. Time invest in your server! Stop waiting around it might be hurting your rankings!

No longer will slow cheaply made websites rank in the search engines. It is time to make a change and upgrade your hosting service! Most of you are still using something like Rackspace or Host Gator.

Those hosts are not optimized for ranking in search engines and will hurt your performance in search results. They are more used for landing pages and private pages nowadays. However, I’m sure a representative from their companies would like to argue about that point.

Make sure to have a Secure Socket Layer on your website! The mistake of not having one because saving money is huge! Y’all need to stop being cheap because it is hurting your chances of ranking in top positions.

If you want to rank with the big players, the search engines want to see you invest in your web infrastructure to make sure you can handle large volumes of traffic.

In my opinion, that totally makes sense for them to prioritize rankings to people that can handle the volume of traffic. Make sure your website is ready to handle big volumes of traffic.

Artificial Intelligence

Many modern SEO strategies include AI and machine learning to fill content marketing gaps. However, Google’s algorithm is based more on user intent rather than keyword density.

Any artificial intelligence writer will have to keep in mind its target audience and display natural language in order to meet Google’s algorithms ranking factor.

Honestly, I do think SEO Surfer is genuinely a great AI content writer. Over the past couple of years, I have used a lot of different AI content writers and non compare to SEO Surfer.

Their AI algorithm covers all the technical aspects of SEO perfectly. It also is great at helping you determine the searcher’s intent in order to write about it with neat suggestions.

The Future of SEO is no longer about building links

Many top-level marketers today will tell you content is going to be king. It is so easy these days to buy links and artificial boost your domain authority. Google is working on a solution to the problem they are facing due to lots of people artificially boosting your domain authority.

Therefore, it is my prediction that in the future SEO link building will not be as demanding as it once was. Instead of you needing tons of links all you will need is a few relevant ones.

That way Google knows you aren’t trying to game their system. My hunch is they will reward you for playing by their rules and not trying to rig your domain authority.

Improving page speed

Page speed will be an essential aspect of SEO. Fast loading speeds are becoming essential for any company that offers a website to its consumers. Google has introduced CoreWeb Vitals as a new ranking factor.

Google analyzes the time that people spend on the web interacting with your content. When a user is logged into an email address, you are able to get their data quickly. Page speed is still essential in the ranking process, so make your website fast.

If you want a super fast hosting environment geared towards ranking well check out NestBox Hosting. They have super fast page speeds and are optimized for ranking for top keywords that get real traffic.

NestBox is also very affordable considering the tremendous value they provide to their customers. Definitely check them out if you are in need of a faster more secure hosting environment!

Building a first-party data hub with SEO traffic

In a move by Google to remove third-party data cookies, companies will need data hub technology. The data you obtain can help you create personalized marketing campaigns that drive more revenue and brand recognition.

People searching plays a crucial role in creating data centers for SEO in the future.

With Google search optimization you can increase the number of quality visitors to your site. You then can nurture those users to leads through remarketing, e-newsletters, etc. That way you can see your structured data across multiple channels.

Creating dynamic evergreen content that informs your audience

SEO is transforming into a new form of digital advertising. The importance of content for SEO success will increase as we move into 2023.

You can’t get a ranking on search engines by creating content alone. You must constantly improve your content to improve search engine rankings.

You want the content to remain relevant for six months to two years or more after its publication. That way you maximize the number of visitors you get from your content and make more money.

Make sure that your evergreen content is not mediocre content. If it is bad then you will have a bad time. Even if you have the right keywords and meta tags.

Delivering a mobile-friendly site

Next up is the development of mobile-responsive websites. Having a mobile-responsive website is essential if your SEO needs success in this new year. Search engines use mobile indexed pages. Which takes into account the mobile version of your website for ranking your website in search results.

If there is no website that is mobile-friendly, then you lose your rankings. If you want a mobile responsive site, you must incorporate responsive web design. Responsive design ensures your site can be optimized for all mobile devices your users use. When people visit your site through mobile devices, make sure they have a nice experience.

SEO Strategy and Planning
SEO Strategy and Planning

Optimizing for semantic search

SEO will evolve in 2023 through semantic searches. Semantics examines words’ relationships and how words represent them in different contexts. A semantic search is an approach that helps identify context and intent for searching queries.

Semantic Search will be vital to delivering a powerful user experience in 2023. Your content is designed for your target audience, giving them an optimal user experience on your website.

Mobile-Friendliness – The First Ranking Signal!

Mobile search engine optimization is one of the latest SEO trends that will revolutionize SEO. This means Google will start prioritizing websites for your mobile device and voice search instead. Around 73% of all internet users will be accessible via smartphones by 2025.

It is a big change you need to prepare for if you want your website to rank well in the near future years. Google has increased its search engine optimization efforts to improve mobile-responsive search performance for search terms and services.

Mobile featured snippets are also a big deal. Same with voice search. SEO Google is a constant battle that is always changing.


AI-Powered SEO – RankBrain

RankBrain combines AI technology and machine learning algorithms to improve the search results of a user’s search query. How the algorithm it uses actually works remains unknown, but the logic is nicely presented on Github somewhere. Knowing how RankBrain works gives you a leg up on the competition.

SEO isn’t a ‘Trick’ Game As it Once Was

Since websites and the internet have grown in popularity, the search engine algorithm has had to evolve and become increasingly complex. This is to help companies rank higher on the search results rather than spammy robots.

Google recently introduced several changes to its search results and requires sites that are easier to use.

Google’s new policy allows webmasters not to rank their websites in search engine results if they use illegal techniques such as keyword stuffing and cloak. So, do not do any of that stuff! It is illegal!

Future of SEO Scaled
Future of SEO Scaled

Telling The Future Of SEO

The most vital task in building and running a web-based business is SEO. Using Google and Yahoo search engine optimization can give you great traffic. Having free website traffic will reduce the costs of promoting your site to your potential customers.

Search engines have existed for ages and have experienced significant change since the late 1980s. I have a prediction that search engines are going to evolve. They are getting smarter each and every day. Really smart top-level people are working on the algorithm every single day nonstop. Take some time and think about that for a second. 

Refreshing SEO Content
Refreshing SEO Content

Refreshing existing content

All webmasters produce content and while publishing content is an important element for SEO, so should refreshing existing content.

This is because updating old content is getting revitalized when it comes to achieving ranked results. You can recover quickly from these kinds of results. If you invest a lot of time in reviving old content, then you will most certainly achieve better rankings.

Having a Brand Will Be Even More Important

In a recent study, SEO will become the next big thing. Your company will expand and your search rankings will improve with a quality product and service on Google.

While being branded, it is very easy to get links and increase SEO, and rankings on Google. People who search for you on the web give you the authority you want with increased search traffic.

SEO is shifting toward mobile

The mobile phone is now a very important means of interacting with the Internet today. It is essential that you create a responsive website in today’s market. The number of smartphone users is growing in numbers every day.

Google now states that your site should also have mobile responsiveness. Sites not aesthetically pleasing on mobile are revoked by Google. That’s crazy, right? They are not playing around on this one. That is why you must have a mobile responsive designed website!

Google Trends SEO Data
Google Trends SEO Data

Optimizing for different search mediums

Google Lens lets users search for photos or audio through Google Voice Search. These newer formats can give your business an attractive way to drive revenue, leads, and revenue. If you want some insight into what is possible, check out my agency Hum JAM’s services page!

We can have you ranking for top positions in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more! Hum JAM has an experienced team of SEO experts that will hook you up! Also, we love working with small businesses and startups! Feel free to reach out anytime!


Stop trying to game all the marketing channels to boost your website’s rankings! You are setting yourself up for a big headache in the coming years and will lose SEO traffic. Also, know that when it comes to content quality is valued above quantity.

Keyword stuffing is not the way anymore. Search traffic is only deserved by quality content. That helps a website’s SEO.

Having quality content is essential to ranking well. Never forget that and you will go far and succeed!

Focus, on creating quality content instead of putting out junk content in hopes that something will rank by chance.

Things will not just rank by chance anymore. Everything is starting to have a purpose and a place among the search engine catalogs of data.

Search engines are trying to make it easier to do the right things to rank. Make sure to look at Google Analytics 4 and the new capabilities of Bing webmaster tools.

They are rocking new SEO trends that will help you create a new SEO strategy around your internet users.

Both companies are working hard on their data tools for marketers. If you are data illiterate, it’s time to start learning how to read the data. In the future, it will be all about the data!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading about the future of SEO! For more info about me check out my SEO agency Hum JAM.

We have a wonderful Digital Marketing Blog on our website with lots of info on how to rank content on search engines.

Also, for any questions make sure to reach out on Twitter! That is where I am most active these days. Do not be shy!

I’m always happy to help someone in need of my knowledge of search engine optimization. Is SEO dead? The answer to that question is never! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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